Minnesota Women's Sailing Team

Membership Options
"I just want to let you know that the highlight of my summer was last Wednesday during my lesson with Leah. That was so cool. I am so glad we went out as the two of us. She's a great instructor. She is really inspiring. Thanks to you and the Women's Sailing Team for making it possible for me to begin to learn to sail with women. Initially it looked good on paper to take sailing lessons.  Then when the time came I got kind of nervous to get out of my comfort zone. Now after the private lesson I feel excited to do it again."

- Julie, monthly member

Women 18 years of age and older are eligible for MWST membership (those who are younger are encouraged to consider the Wayzata Sailing School). MWST provides two membership options for getting involved with the team:

Month-to-Month Membership
Duration: 30 days

Cost: $125.00 per month ($80 per month for students)
Membership Form: Month-to-Month

Description: This 30-day membership is ideal for those who want to test the water and see if sailing and MWST are for them. The month-to-month option includes access to MWST-sponsored sailing lessons, workshops, and social activities. Month-to-month memberships are renewable and can be credited toward annual membership dues.

Annual Membership - VIP Crew *
Duration: one calendar year
Cost: $500.00 per year
Membership Form: Annual

This membership option provides complete access to all MWST-sponsored sailing lessons, workshops, social activities, opportunities for racing and advanced skill development, introduction to the Wayzata Yacht Club community, and participation in team governance and decisions.

* Please note annual members are expected to become crew members of
  Wayzata Yacht Club.


Annual Membership - Super Crew *

Duration: one calendar year
Cost: Must be a VIP crew first
Membership Form: Annual

 This membership is for the experienced racers.  The super crew team will train with external coaches to prepare for races and regatta's.  This team will coach other VIP crew throughout the season.  Must have experience on MWST as a VIP crew prior to joining as a super crew. This membership also allows for either participation or a leadership role in team governance and decisions.

* Please note annual members are expected to become crew members of 
  Wayzata Yacht Club.