Minnesota Women's Sailing Team

About the Team

Minnesota Women's Sailing Team
P.O. Box 2882
Minneapolis, MN 55402-0882


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Who We Are

The Minnesota Women's Sailing Team (MWST) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting women in the sport of sailing and sailboat racing. Established in 1995, the team is anchored at the Wayzata Yacht Club on Lake Minnetonka and participates in the club's J/22 fleet. Membership is comprised of women from a variety of backgrounds and abilities who all share a passion for sailing and life on the water.

MWST strives to create a fun and supportive learning environment for developing women's sailing knowledge and skills to be competitive in racing.
Specifically, the team seeks to:

  • Enhance the image of women in the sport of sailing
  • Increase the skill level and confidence of women sailors
  • Create, foster, and encourage camaraderie and leadership among women sailors
  • Encourage and provide support for women to compete in sailboat races and regattas

Sailing Opportunities

MWST sponsors a variety of sailing and educational activities throughout the year focused on developing women's sailing knowledge and skills:

  • On-the-water novice and advanced training sessions for members
  • Social cruises
  • Seminars and workshops on topics like sailing tactics and racing rules
  • Guest speakers and instructors

Racing Opportunities

MWST began as a racing organization and belongs to a racing yacht club. As a result, sailboat racing is a focal point for the team. Members are encouraged to try racing and compete at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Opportunities to race abound, including:

  • Wayzata Yacht Club races
  • Regional and international regattas